Water Tanker


Shape : Elliptical / Double D Shape

Compartments : One

Construction : All welded steel construction to spec. ST 37-2 or Equivalent.

  • Lower Shell, Upper shell and end caps are 5 mm thick.
  • Baffles are 4 mm thick.

Baffle Plates : Sufficient number of baffle plates open on top and bottom for venting and

water leveling with manhole opening for access between compartments.

Diffuser : One conical galvanized diffuser underneath of the rear manhole cover to protect

surface of the tank bottom from abrasion due to sand and other particles.

Manhole : 2 nos. 400 mm Manhole with vent valve on top of the tank with 250 mm filling

hatch hinged cover and quick release latch and air vent.

Pump & Piping: PTO Driven / Diesel / Petrol Driven Pump, at Tank rear or mid of the tank.

(Yanmar or Robin Koshin-Japan). All Piping work of galvanized steel fitted with Ball Valves (Bossini- Italy)

Discharge : One 3” discharge for the gravity and 3’’ Discharge for pump at the tank rear.

Hose Stowage : Two no’s hose stowage on either side of the tank with 3” Green hose with

coupling suitable to the tank length.


  • Walkway of 3 mm thick chequered plate.
  • Access Ladder at the rear.
  • Wire braided transparent Level gauge at rear.
  • 2 nos. beacon light at rear, (Make- BOSCH Germany).
  • Side marker lights with brackets 4 nos. on the either side of body. Amber-colour (Make HELLA –Germany).
  • Spare wheel carrier - subject to availability of space.
  • Mudguard with mud flaps for rear tyres.
  • Rear bumper with Reflecting Honeycomb sign at rear.
  • Tool box without tools.
  • Hand rail as per customer requirement.


Internal : Sand blasted to SA 2.5 standard and painted with two coats of epoxy paint

suitable for Drinking / brackish water.

External : Sand blasted to SA 2.5 standard and painted with one coat of Zinc rich primer and

two coats of Gloss enamel finish paint.