Towing/Draw-Bar Trailer


Length : Approx. 5600mm.

Width : Approx. 2200mm.


All welded steel construction to spec. ST37-2 or equivalent.


Longitudinal member of suitable deep I-beams. Cross members of performed beams.

Floor : 6 mm chequered plate fixed

on floor cross members.

Running Gears (Rear Axle)

Mechanical suspension with longitudinal springs and supported with front and rear bracket with adjustable and fixed arms.2x6 ton.

Running Gear (axle- Front)

1x6 Ton axle at the front with Turntable andA-Frame.

Make: ‘ ADR “ European

Tyres : 6+1 off 10 R 15 Michelin

Or equivalent.

Rims : 6+1 off suitable for the above tyre.


* Spare wheel with one tyrewill be mounted as per the space available. Or supplied loose.

* Heavy duty rear bumper with honeycomb reflective sign.

* Reflectors at side and rear

* Hooks on either side under the body at 500mm spacing on both sides

* Mudguard with mudflaps for rear tyre.


Grit blasted to SA 2.5 standard and painted with one coat of epoxy primer and

Chassis : painted with Coal Tar Epoxy.Body : painted with two coats of polyurthane finish paint single colour yellow RAL per customer choice.


One year from the date of delivery of product from all manufacturing defects.