Supercar Covered Transporter


General :

This is customised specification for mounting of Low Profile Car Transporter With Insulated panel closed Body on a free issue 4x2 Chassis.

Body Size ( Internal )

Inside length : 5500 mm

Inside width : 2400 mm

Inside height : 2100 mm

Body Construction

Body: Self supporting FRP panels ( fiber glass reinforced plastic panels ) Insulated with polyurethane hard foam density 45 kg/ Cu.M.

Side wall thickness : 65 mm

Bulk head thickness : 65 mm

Rear wall thickness : 65 mm

Roof thickness : 65 mm

Side Door

A twin leaf type Doors provided on both sides with heavy duty hinges and locks.


A skirting is provided underneath the chassis on both sides with luggage cabinets as per the space available on the chassis. Cabinets are provided with heavy duty hinges and locks.

Rear Door

Rear Single Door hinged on top and operated with HD gas springs


4 no’s ceiling lights provided inside the closed body.

Recovery Equipment

-Super low Slide back Recovery platform in steel.

-Sliding Winch Carrier

-Huskey H8 Hydraulic Winch

-Crash bar with rubber buffers

-50mm tow ball and pin to crash bar.


* Reflectors will be fixed on the container sides and rear

* Rear Bumper.

* Side skirting with luggage cabinets as per space available on the chassis.

* Rear reflective sign

* MS 3 mm thick Mudguard with mudflaps


One year from the date of delivery of product from all manufacturing defects.