Skip Loader Unit



The frame is build out of high performance Domex steel plate. These plates are bend and laser cut to fit perfectly together. The Frame is welded on a state of the art robot welder. Several longitude and lateral positions for container skids are integrated in the frame. The bins are placed on the loading bridge on a low wear longitude cross member.

Frame side members

They are built out of high performance Domex steel. The side members are built as an interconnection with the rear stabilizer legs and therefore distribute perfectly the arising forces while tipping or offloading the container. The driving position of the rear stabiliser can be monitored with the sensors.

Lift arms

The lift arms are made of 6 and 12mm thick Domex plates and are made for lifting highest capacities. Lift arms are standard non-telescopic type.

Swivel shaft

The lift arms are screwed onto the swivel shaft. In case of any repair or maintenance a very easy to handle system. The Bearing of the swivel shaft are low wear and do not require greasing.

Hook shaft

The hook shaft is pneumatic activated, the control switch is at the same position as the hydraulic valve block, and standard one hook centrally located which made of strong, low wear steel for a maximum lifespan.

Lifting gear

The 4-sling lifting gear is equipped with a latch to extend or shorten the length, in order to handle different size containers or bins. The hook of the lifting gear is equipped with a self-securing latch. The certified lifting gear is included in the standard.

Rear under run protection device

The device is part of the side members, reinforcing them in addition to the frame.


The hydraulic system is operating at 300-bar pressure. The hydraulic hoses inclusive their fittings are tested for high-pressure applications. The hydraulics control valve is made by Danfoss. The oil tank is equipped with an internal reverse-flow filter and a main stream high pressure oil filter for extended oil change interval. The hydraulic cylinders are equipped with load hold and hose failure valves. The rear stabilisers are independent actuated and equipped with flat fleet for higher stability and safety while handling or tipping a container. For the protection of the lift arm piston rod a ram guard is provided.

Hydraulic Pump

The system is supplied with 64 litres Piston Pump.


- Outside controls (valve levers) on drivers side.

- Lifting chain with EN10204 – 2.2 safety hooks

& assembly certificate

- Stabilizers with flat feet

- Steel protection caps on the main cylinders

- Oil tank front mounted with filters.

- painted with one coat of primer and two coats

of synthetic finish paint as per customer choice.


One year from the date of delivery of product from all manufacturing defects.