Jetting/Combination Tanker



This is the customised specification for mounting of 12,000 Litres Combined Unit on 6x4 Chassis.

No. of compartments

Two compartments- 8000 Litres - Sludge Tank. And 4000 Litres - Clean Water Tank.


Cylindrical tank, suitable to withstanding vacuum and pressure, fitted with a partition between the compartments, made in mild steel of 6mm thickness to ST 37.2 or Equivalent grade.

The sludge compartment is complete with sight glass level indicator.

"U" type reinforcement rings for sludge tank, cold formed dished heads, internal breakwaters baffle. Design pressure: +1.5 bar; test pressure; + 1 bar; working vacuum/pressure: -1/+1 bar. Tank provided with over floating safety valve (primary shut-off). Full opening rear door with overhead hinges, opened by means of two hydraulic cylinders complete with built in safety system which prevents the accidental closing of the lifted door.

Closing of the rear door by means of hydraulically operated clamps.

Tightness of the rear door guaranteed by a large dimensioned rubber gasket.

Horizontally on Top mounted suction hose reel, with telescopic rotating arm, suitable to carry 23 meters of DN 125 suction hose . stainless stell reel and mild steel arm.

The clean water compartment is complete with transparent tubular type level indicator. Loading of the water compartment by means of 2" filling connection with Storz coupling and non-return valve with open flow into top of tank or by means of gravity through the manhole. Man way Æ 400mm for the clean water compartment. Sub-frame in mild steel, duly rust proofed to fit the chassis dimensions and to accommodate the above described tank and components. Clamping system for fixing the tank to the counter frame.

Vacuum Line

Jurop mod. RV520, horizontal ports , bare shaft c/w side air injection port for cooling with complete Kit.


High pressure pump

Triplex plunger high pressure pump. "Pratissoli" MW 45, laterally fitted on suitable steel bearing frame.

Max. water flow: 269 lit/min.

Max. pressure: 155 bar.

Manometer and connecting pipes to the tank and to the hose reels.

Pressure regulating valve: Pneumatically operated.

Water filter with stainless steel filtering cartridge and connecting pipes to the hose reels fitted on the water feeding line.

Standard 1” Nozzles – 25 degree, 35 degree, 15 degree.

Rear hydraulic pivoting hose reel 1" (Mild Steel)

Mounted on the rear door of the tank.

External reinforced arms from the drum.

Hydraulic rotation, complete with rotating coupling, flywheel, chain, pinion and hydraulic motor.

Directional control valve complete with flow adjustment for the winding/unwinding of the hose.

Pivoting angle of approx. 180 degrees.

The hose reel is complete with a pneumatic blocking device that keeps the unit at the wanted working angle.

100mt. Æ 1" high pressure hose working pressure 250 bar, of textile reinforced type and couplings.

Automatic hose guiding device.

To grant easy working conditions, an independent control panel is placed on the side of the unit.

Transmission & drive

Total power take-off TPTO OMSI PFT-PC4/3000 c/w flanges, pneumatic control inside the cabin,mounting bracket,Input & Output axle flanges KV/XS 180, side output flanges to suit propeller shafts for MS/MH pump RHS SAE 1535 pump LHS SAE 1410 central output, incl. hyd. pump.

Drive of the pumps by means of shaft, v-belts, pulleys or by means of cardan-propelled shaft directly connected to the PTO and clutch.

Combined functioning of the two pumps.


Front End mounted Hydraulic Cylinder make: EUROPEAN MADE

Tank is provided with heavy duty tipping hinge at rear.

Tipping Cylinder is pneumatically operated from the cabin.


Control panel mounted on the hose reel, with the following controls: Water pump hour meter; rpm gauge; electronic throttle control; alarm buzzer for low water level; water pressure gauge, on/off high pressure pump (pneumatic control); water pressure adjusting (electronic type), fuse box (24V), emergency, pneumatic push button for hose reel swiveling control.


Access ladder.

Rear under run bar with reflective sign

GI. Grating Walk way on top of the tank.

Mudguard with mud flaps for rear wheels.

Rear reflecting sign on both sides and rear.

Tool box without tools.

Fire Extinguisher with bracket – 1no.


Internal : Grit blasted to SA 2.5 standard. and painted with two coats of Epoxy paint suitable for the intended application.

External: Sand blasted to SA 2.5 standard and painted with one coat of epoxy primer (DFT-100µ) and two coats of polyurethane finish paint (DFT-50µ) as per customer choice . Total DFT is more than 150µ.


One year from the date of delivery of product from all manufacturing defects.