Fuel Tanker


Shape : Elliptical / Double D shape

Compartments : As per requirement

Construction : All welded steel construction to spec. ST 37-2 or equivalent. Top Shell, Lower shell,

End caps are 5 mm thick and baffles are 4 mm thick.

Baffle Plates : Sufficient number baffles with open at top and bottom for venting and fuel leveling.

Plates have manhole of 450 mm diameters opening for access between the baffles.

Manhole : 2 no’s. EMCO WHEATON or equivalent with an opening of 10” and overall opening of

17”. Fill cover has a positive self-aligning seal ensuring pressure tight operation. Automatic venting through a pressure/vacuum vent built into fill cover automatic sealing of vent in case of tank over-turning. Covers are self latching. Forward motion of vehicle allows closing and latching of covers if inadvertently left open.

Emergency Valve : 4” EMCO WHEATON emergency valve automatically shutting off fuel in case of failure

or accident operated by bottom operator single lever.

Pump : Corken / Blackmer -USA PTO driven pump 3” capacity approx. 900ltrs/min. with 3” piping

for discharge with adaptor and dust cap. (Suitable PTO & its control must come fitted with

the chassis.)

Hose real : 1”x10 M- spring rewind hose real with 1” dispensing gun.

Flow meter : (Fill-Rite-USA) 1” or 1 ½” 4 digit flow meter with strainer measured in gallons / Liters.

Valence : Full length, water tight skirting with drain pipes at the tank front fitted with ball valve.

Loading : Top Loading / Bottom Loading


  • Through PTO driven 3” pump with adaptor and dust cap.
  • 3” gravity discharge with adaptor and dust cap.
  • 1” hose real with flow meter.

Hose storage : One on each side of the tank to accommodate 3” hose with end fittings of suitable length.


  • Walkway at the top of the tank of 3 mm thick chequered plate.
  • Access Ladder at the tank rear.
  • Side Marker lights with brackets- (Colour Amber, Make Hella-Germany) 4 numbers on each side.
  • Rear runner bar with honeycomb reflective sign.
  • Mudguard with mud flaps.
  • Tool Box without tools.
  • Copper Earthling Strips - 2 no’s
  • Battery Isolator Switch (Cut off switch)
  • Beacon Lights (Bosch-Germany) – 2 Numbers.
  • Fire extinguisher (Dry Powder) 6 kgs. with brackets-2 Numbers.

Painting: Interior: Diesel washed, Exterior: Sand blasted to SA 2.5 standard and painted with one coat of Zinc rich primer and two coats of Gloss enamel finish paint of customer choice.